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BIO of Drumananda founder,
           Jacqueline Dickey

As a youth,  Jacquee would sneak into the closet with her sister's marching band drum pad and try to figure out the stick patterns she saw her play.  When Jacquee was older, she asked the band director if she could switch from saxophone to drumset and he told her that girls don't play drumsets. But after she was diagnosed with cancer in her 30's,  the power of the drum spirit returned to her in a significant way.  Suffering from the effects of "chemo brain" her doctors, offering no guidance, told her to find a way to exercise her brain. One day she heard the sound of a tribe of djembes playing deep inside a Michigan forest and her heart was lit afire as if she had suddenly been reunited with long lost relatives she deeply loved. As she drummed, her brain improved, and she found relief from chronic pain left from the cancer. Jacquee's gift is understanding the powerful
​medicine of the drum.
Jacquee began a spiritual path with the drum, and in the process, became a widely performing world percussionist with bands such as: Gazelle, New Tribe, Suggesting Scarlett, Mary of the Kine, Soltre and Kennedy's Kitchen. She is currently a percussionst for Sacred Waters Kirtan, a sacred chant band, (http://yogachant.org/)
She has studied with sound healers, West African djembefolas, Ecuadorian and Cherokee shamans, Japanese taiko and Middle Eastern and Native American frame drummers. She is a former pastoral minister and social worker and holds a Master of Divinity degree from Notre Dame where she studied Christian mysticism. Jacquee holds a djembe
certificate from the prestigious Tam Tam Mandingue Djembe Academy, founded by the
internationally acclaimed djembefola, Mamady Keita and is a certified Health Rhythms Facilitator. She loves to integrate her deep studies in cross cultural spirituality, traditional rhythms and religion with her love of the drum to help others awaken int0 their embodied spirits.