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Drum*ananda, uses a Sanskrit suffix which means bliss, because joy* is the gift the drum will bring to you. Drumananda invites you to be part of a world-wide movement to spread the technology and wisdom of this cross cultural sacred medicine and co-create a healing culture through the drum.
read more about the biology of joy:

     Programs and Events
                   Drumananda provides drumming for:    
  •             Group classes and private lessons in djembe, bodhran,       shamanic/Native American and Middle Eastern hand percussion.
  •          Retreats and Music for Meditation
  •             Staff Days and Team Building
  •             Schools and Libraries
  •             Community Rituals and Church Events
  •             Private parties
  •             Live Music for Yoga Classes
  •             Women Only Events  
  •             Drumananda also hosts guest master artists to provide opportunities for the community to see this craft at its most professional level. 

        Watch a video performance of  Drumananda students' ritual: 



 "Come drum, release, rebuild. You spend how much on food? On clothes?  How much do you spend on soothing your soul? It's time. This class is great!!!! Jacquee Dickey is a wonderful teacher! I would highly recommend her classes for anyone interested in fun, rhythm and a healing spiritual journey!"
--Kelsie, student from Drumananda classes

"This program was wonderfully emotionally and spiritually uplifting! This rhythm helped open hearts and minds, and refreshed our spirits.”​​
-- South Bend chapter, NAACP
“Uplifting, motivating, joyful . . .  exceeded expectations!”
--Intercultural Living Community Program
Saint Mary’s College, South Bend, IN
“This percussion program is fun!  It is multi-age and skill inclusive. Many concepts can be taught with rhythm. Drumming builds confidence, promotes teamwork, and puts everyone on equal footing. . . and truly doesn’t everyone secretly long to be a drummer?” 
--North Liberty Branch Library, St. Joseph County Library, North Liberty, IN

Wula Drums:*highest of professional quality                                     *economical   *socially responsible

After thorough research 0f the market and many years of playing djembes and other hand drums, Drumananda recommends Wula djembes for the highest quality at the best price.  Drumananda works with Wula Drum out of New York City to provide a local showroom, the only place in the region where you can see Wula Drums. You can make an appointment to come test and choose your djembe from a variety of models and prices. (574-232-2672). Sometimes it is difficult to order an instrument online.  Particularly with drums, each have their own unique voice and the size and bones in your hands can also vary the sound you will get on your instrument.  So being able to play your drum before you buy it, is a good investment.
No matter how much skill you develop, if you do not have a good drum, you cannot get the optimal melodic quality the djembe can produce. Many area purveyors of djembes carry "tourista" or lower grade drums at high prices. Many are carved with machines and routers and come from places like Indonesia.  
Africa is the birthplace of the djembe and the holder and keeper of this ancient musical tradition. Wula drums begin in Guinea, West Africa.  They are hand carved by djembe artisans who know drums and obtain wood from trees that are native to the Guinean forests.  These forests have some of the densest and most melodic sounding woods in the world. (Wula is Susu for "deep in the forest").  Carving expertise is the primary determinate of drum sound.   So when shopping for your drum, you can be assured that the quality of Wula drums are the absolute best.  Wula Drums are played by professionals and world renown percussionists and you will find them in such places as the Broadway stage for productions of "The Lion King".
Wula is a socially responsible company, caring about sustainability and socio-economic development in Africa.  Wula commits to practicing good forest stewardship and works with local forest guardians to prevent overharvesting  with minimal enviornmental impact.   Wula commits to higher wages for its workers when the artistry of African drum labor has historically been devalued and underpaid.  Wula is simply the best djembe for the beginner to professional